Shipping Information

We mainly use DHL Express as it is the most reliable and fastest option as it literally avoids any custom clearance issues and better tracking status all the way through your email. Nearly 90% of your parcel will be affected by Covid-19 so you’ll expect arrival in Australia between 4-10 days with DHL Express.

As Australia is a very large country, ensure that your contact details and address are filled in correctly, and depending on which state you live in. There’s also a chance that you may or may not suffer delays. At least 5% of our shipment will be delayed due to the manual inspection by customs which we have no control over.

However, in less than 24 hours, your parcel will arrive in Australia and it may then be delivered with your local postal service such as Australia Post which then becomes outside of our control at that point.

We do not have any information as to how long it will take for your local postal service to deliver your parcel as they would have their own delivery system.

Estimated Delivery Times

These estimated delivery times may vary and not guaranteed due to the massive scale of Australia and other circumstances which may cause transit delays.

**Note: DHL Express will deliver your parcels to metro areas only. If you are in regional/rural areas outside of the metro area, your parcels will be delivered with Australia Post which would take up an extra day or two. 

 Metro Areas  DHL  Standard Shipping
 Adelaide  Overnight – 2 Days  4 – 7 Days
 Alice Springs  N/A  4 – 8 Days
 Ballarat  Overnight – 3 Days  4 – 6 Days
 Brisbane  Overnight – 2 Days  4 – 8 Days
 Cairns  2 – 4 Days  4 – 8 Days
 Canberra  Overnight – 2 Days  4 – 8 Days
 Darwin  2 – 4 Days  4 – 8 Days
 Melbourne  Overnight – 2 Days  3 – 7 Days
 Perth CBD  Overnight – 3 Days  4 – 8 Days
 Sydney  Overnight – 2 Days  3 – 7 Days
 Hobart  2 – 4 Days  4 – 8 Days

DHL Tracking Explained

We haven’t received any reports or issues with shipments going through customs to date. We have shipped nearly hundreds of parcels already and not one single parcel had been confiscated by Australian Customs.

Additionally, DHL also has reliable customer service as well so if you want to know more in detail about the status of your parcel by simply dialing 13 14 06.

In your inbox, you will be notified down the line of the status of your parcels, and here’s what they mean:

1. Shipment information received

Vape Culture has printed your shipping label and your parcel is waiting for the pickup by a DHL courier.

2. Shipment picked up

Your parcel has been picked up by a DHL Courier.

3. Customs status updated

Your parcel has been processed by customers, click on “further detail” to see any relevant information about the customs process.

4. DHL Needs further information from the importer

This is an unusual incident but it does occur in some cases. DHL will contact you via phone or email if more information is needed.

5. Shipment has been given a release by Customs

Your parcel has been inspected and cleared by Customs.

6. Shipment on hold

Your parcel is in a holding area with thousands of other parcels waiting to be moved in DHL’s delivery network. A normal process so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

7. Further inspection before proceeding to delivery

Your parcel is cleared for delivery but rarely does it get interrupted by customs to arbitrarily pull your parcel from the queue for further inspection. If this does happen please contact us or DHL about it and we will work it out for you.

Standard Shipping Tracking Explained (Australia Post)

Assuming you are choosing Standard Shipping with us, your parcel will be processed through Australia Post’s system before shipping them out. 99% of your parcels will be cleared from customs in 24 hours but it’s normal that it’ll take up 2-4 days.

**Note: Australia Post does not offer high-resolution tracking on international parcels. Sometimes, no new tracking status updates. As Australia Post does not scan the parcel each and every time it changes hands, do not panic, your parcel will still be delivered. 

1. Process at Outbound Depot

NZ Post has received your parcel at their outbound sorting facility. Getting it ready, loaded up into various planes that fly into Australia.

2. International Departure

This just means that your parcel is being loaded onto a plane and is bound for Australia.

3. In transit with Airline

This means that the parcel has actually arrived in Australia but it’s currently being processed by Customs. This process will take a few days if Customs has a backlog of international parcels for inspection. We do not have control over customs to ask them to expedite their inspection.

4. International Arrival

Your parcel has been released by Customs and is now with Australia Post. At this point, your parcel will be delivered based on Australia Post’s domestic delivery system. The moment it had entered Australia, it is officially out of our hands. That being said, we don’t have any influence on the ETA of your parcel to your address. Again, do not worry, your parcel will be delivered.

Additioanl Information

Parcel lockers

DHL will not deliver your parcel into Australia Post Parcel Lockers unless you live in a rural area where Australia Post is contracted to make the last-mile delivery. Basically, if you live in a city or regional center which is serviced by DHL delivery vans and to your door. DHL will not deliver to an Auspost Parcel Locker. With that being said, if you are not in metro areas, then DHL will seek arrangements with Australia Post to have your parcel be put into an Australia Post Parcel Locker.

As confusing as this may sound, we don’t have comprehensive information to fully explain and navigate the situation for parcel lockers’ delivery. So it’s safer to assume that DHL does not deliver to parcel lockers at all.

Taking longer than expected?

If your package still hasn’t arrived within 2 weeks then please reach out to DHL or Australia Post. If your package is still not located, please reply to your order confirmation email asap so we can work out a replacement shipment.

  • DHL: 13 14 06
  • Auspost: 13 76 78 (13 Post)